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Online and Onsite English Composition Writing Classes for Primary School Students

Big Ideaz Composition Writing Class

English Composition Writing for Primary School

Big Ideaz Education specialises in teaching English composition writing to primary school students.  We conduct self-paced online writing courses, onsite and ‘live’ online writing classes, and school holiday writing workshops. If you are looking for a primary school English writing specialist or resources to improve your child’s writing skills, you have come to the right place.

What We Offer

composition writing

Self-paced Online Courses

Improve composition writing from the comfort of your home with our self-paced online writing courses for primary school students.

how to plan and write a good composition

‘Live’ Online Writing Classes

Weekly ‘live’ online writing classes via Zoom for Primary 2 to 6. Expand your vocabulary and learn effective writing techniques.

English composition

Onsite Writing Classes

Weekly onsite writing classes for primary school students. Learn to write better with our systematic, skills-based writing programme.

Free Resources For Primary School Composition Writing

Help your child write better compositions and expand their vocabulary with useful phrases and model compositions written by our students.

What Do Parents Say

Based on 24 reviews
Nelly Les
Nelly Les
24 November 2023
My son P5 has benefitted greatly in his compo writing since enrolling with at Big Ideaz. Teacher Joan was able to give creative ideas which are practised in class , implementable by the student on his own. 👍
22 November 2023
I enrolled my son in Writing Classes in Pri 2 as I felt he lacked confidence in writing and was often stuck with how to come up with ideas and structure sentences for stories. Knowing that being a good writer takes time and practice, I thought it's best I start him on this process earlier than later. Schools usually do not have sufficient time to help students through the process. My son enjoys the lessons very much. For the past 2 years, he's benefitted from the online sessions from his very engaging teacher. He's so much more confident in writing now and his results in school reflects his improvement. My husband and I are both teachers but we couldn't have done what Big Ideaz could do cos of the consistency provided and great materials. Thank you!
Clara Chew
Clara Chew
20 November 2023
My 2 daughters have been attending Big Ideaz online writing classes. I have seen huge improvements in their English composition score in school. More importantly, they gained much confidence in their writing ability and writing a composition for them is no longer a dreaded, arduous task. Words just flow whenever they have to write. I think the Big Ideaz classes are highly effective at improving writing ability because the teachers are able to clearly teach the child how to structure a composition step-by-step. They also help the child with vocabulary and phrases. I have recommended Big Ideaz to several of my friends with primary-school aged children. I would really like to thank the teachers at Big Ideaz for guiding my daughters.
Hongsen Zhang
Hongsen Zhang
25 October 2023
老师教得不错,孩子上课很专注。psle应试还是得本地老师来,之前觉得洋人应该教得更好,报了2个班,结果一个课孩子上了尽打瞌睡,另一个课鬼佬纯粹混时间,浪费不少钱和时间。换了Big ideaz好多了, 5年级一年时间孩子英文作文从23提高到了36。
27 September 2023
Both my kids were on Big Ideaz’s Write Now programme and benefitted much from the essay marking services. The review was thorough and there are detailed suggestions on how to improve the essay. The service standard is excellent too. Queries were attended to promptly and requests were acceded to as much as possible. I will definitely recommend Big Ideaz to anyone who require professional marking of their kids’ essays.
26 April 2023
My daughter loves to attend Big Ideaz P3 writing class with Teacher May. She's a helpful and patient teacher. She makes sure all her students complete their class work before dismissal which we like the most 😁 We are delighted that she shows improvement in her composition.. keep it up ✌️
Elene Soh
Elene Soh
24 April 2023
Evonne enjoys attending Big Ideaz class and is now more confident in writing.. She learnt the steps involved in planning a story, use of good phrases in context and good writing techniques to her writing. Thank you Teachers...