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A Special Gift

Have you ever thought a gift you received was special? I have. It all happened on that fateful day…

“Arthur, this is for you,” my grandfather said. Lying on the hospital bed, he handed me his very expensive branded helmet.

“Goo goo ga ga,” I blurted out. At that time, I was just a little boy who had not learnt to speak. I waddled to my grandfather and reached for the helmet. I was dazzled by its design and shape. The helmet was just amazing! It had zigzag designs and was mainly white with neon yellow stripes that totally made me awestruck! Most importantly, it was so lightweight and comfortable that I could not even tell whether I was wearing it.

Just at that moment, my grandfather closed his eyes, as gently as though he was about to go to sleep but he never woke up again. Tears welled up in my family members eyes and they began wailing with grief. At that time, I was overwhelmed with questions. Why did Yeye stop moving? Why did my family members make weird noises? Why did he give me a helmet? It was only when I was older that I was able to answer those questions.

As I grew up, I began to know more about my grandfather. Once, my mother showed me pictures of him cycling. She said he would cycle from the start to the end of the East Coast Park, which is at least 20km, almost every day. Sometimes, he would even cycle from East Coast Park to Marina Barrage. He even continued to cycle until he was 70 years old. I had realised Yeye left the stylish helmet for me just because he wanted me to learn cycling. In other words, he wanted me to be like him.

Now, I am an avid cyclist and I love to wear my grandfather’s branded helmet. Once, even a professional cyclist kept staring at it. Also, thanks to the helmet, I am motivated to cycle better every time I wear it because I know it is a very special and valuable gift from my grandfather.

Unfortunately, I will never be able to cycle with him. I still keep thinking of what I would do if my grandfather was around. If only I could spend my growing-up years with him. Maybe we would cycle together and he could impart cycling tips to me. I am really glad he gave me the special gift and I wish he could cycle with me in my next life.

~ by Arthur Tan (Primary 5)