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English Composition Writing Resources

Here are some free English composition writing resources for Primary School.

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PSLE Topics Model Compositions with Writing Techniques

Read these model compositons on common PSLE topics.  Learn how specific writing techniques are being applied in these model compositions.


120 Phrases to Describe Characters' Emotions

No more having flat characters in your child's compositions! Feelings descriptions help to bring story characters to life.  Let your child use these phrases in his or her English compositions.

Looking for more? To learn how to apply each of the 120 phrases in sentences, click here to buy our eBook.


good phrases for compositions

300 Vocabulary Cards

Expand your child's vocabulary with these 300 vocabulary cards of vivid verbs and descriptive phrases.



Video Lessons on English Composition Writing

Check out these videos on English composition writing skills and techniques.

Introduction to Lower Primary English Composition Writing


Good Phrases To Describe Emotions - Describing Anxiety

Good Phrases To Describe Emotions - Describing Pain


Good Phrases To Describe Emotions - Describing Fear and Shock


Good Phrases To Describe Emotions - Describing Happiness and Excitement


Good Phrases To Describe Emotions - Describing Tiredness


How To Write A Well-Developed English Composition


A Simple Way To Write The Introduction Of A Composition

(Good for Lower and Middle Primary)


Punctuation Rules For Direct Speech

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