Improve Your English Composition Writing!

Is your child struggling with composition writing?  Join the Writing Academy today to boost his/her composition writing skills!  Students from more than 50 primary schools in Singapore have benefitted from this course.  



Amanda has been taking this online course for the past 20 months.  I find the tips and feedback extremely helpful.  She used to dread writing compositions.  The course has transformed her into a confident and creative writer.  She really enjoys writing now!  Her EL teacher has been showing her compositions as model examples to her class and that further boosts her confidence in writing. Thank you!

~ Parent of Amanda Foo (A* for PSLE English)



  • Remove the hassle of travelling to attend writing classes.
  • Learn writing techniques and work on assignments at your convenient time and in the comfort of your home.
  • Receive constructive and detailed feedback on your writing assignments from an experienced former Primary School English teacher.
  • Develop the habit of writing regularly by completing the weekly writing assignments.
  • Receive more composition practices than what most schools are able to offer!
  • Bonus!  We offer once-a-month complimentary ‘live’ zoom lessons for our Writing Academy students to reinforce their online learning! These sessions cover composition planning and writing based on a given topic. Students are required to scan and submit their written composition after the session.  Seats are on a first-come-first-served basis.  Complimentary lessons are conducted online via zoom.  



At the Writing Academy, students develop composition writing skills and learn writing techniques that they can apply in their compositions.  Our specially designed writing curriculum consists of weekly video lessons and assignments to boost students’ composition writing skills. The key feature of our Writing Academy is the feedback provided on students’ writing.  Students’ assignments and compositions are marked by experienced former MOE teachers.  Constructive feedback is provided to help students improve their writing.  



*Please read this carefully before enrolling.

The Writing Academy is an online course that is suitable for students who want to learn how to write the current PSLE format compositions. It is recommended for students from Primary 4 onwards, who are writing the current PSLE format compositions in school.  

If your child is writing the 4-picture composition format,

he or she can join the Junior Writing Academy HERE.


Once you are enrolled, you will have instant access to the first month of video lessons and assignments (total of 4 lessons), including during the free trial period. You will only be charged after the free trial ends, that is if you wish to continue with the course. Thereafter, the monthly subscription fee will be billed automatically on the same day every month together with the release of a new set of four brand new video lessons and assignments. Students can complete one lesson per week or four lessons per month or anything in between.   


If you wish to have access to ALL the modules in the Writing Academy based on a one-time payment, contact us here



To make the most of the Writing Academy online course, follow these suggested steps: 

  1. Watch the video lessons.
  2. Download and print out the assignments.
  3. Complete the assignments.
  4. Scan (with a camera phone or scanner) and save completed assignments in PDF or type assignments in MS WORD.
  5. Upload completed assignment for submission. Assignments will be marked by our Writing Coaches, who are ex-MOE teachers, and returned to you via email within 5 working days.
  6. Once the marked assignment is received, your child can write a Draft 2 based on the comments and suggestions for improvement.
  7. Submit the improved Draft 2 and our experienced Writing Coaches will mark the Draft 2 too!  


Want to know more about how we mark students’ compositions? 

Check out this link to find out more.






As this is a self-paced course, the time taken by students to complete the entire course varies.  It is the parent’s responsibility to cancel the subscription once the child completes the course or when the course is no longer needed. There is no auto-cancellation of the course even after all the course contents are fully released.

Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to keep up with regular assignment submissions in order to complete the course in a timely manner and to gain the full value from the course.





I got A* for English. Thank you for helping me to improve my English compo. I really appreciate your dedication and support.

~ Writing Academy Student, Coen Wong (P6)



Samantha did well, A* for English. 🙂 Thank you for helping us the last couple of years.

~ Parent of Samantha Wong (P6)



Love the great ideas and flexibility. This is a wonderful option for those who need to pace out their own learning. The feedback from Coach Hui Ing are very clear and useful.

~ Parent of Matthew Kee (P4)



Zhong Kai managed to improve from 9/20 (SA1) to 14/20 in SA2.  Thank you for the encouraging words/comments for all the assignments he did and swift responses to my queries. I am glad that we found Writing Academy and shall continue to further improve his writing skills.

~ Parent of Zhong Kai (P4)



I really saw her improvement in compo after taking up the online course… from 9/20 now more than 15 marks.  Actually mid-year exam I already saw the improvement.

~ Parent of Tricia Shen  (P4)



This ecourse is the closest thing to tuition for junior where I outsourced his learning with the ecourse tutor who marks his work on a regular basis….

~ Angie Yeow, Author of Growing Hearts 123



Kindly note that the Writing Academy is a self-paced online course.  If you are looking for online classes conducted ‘live’ by a teacher via Zoom instead, please go to this link for more.

More queries? You may visit our FAQs for some of the common questions parents have. Alternatively, click on the WhatsApp chat button on the bottom right of the screen to contact us. Our typical response time is less than 2 hours during business operations.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Hui Ing Hui Ing Author

Monthly Subscription

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Promotion Note on 7-day Free Trial:

  1.  The first month of 4 video lessons is released for viewing upon enrollment for 37 days.
  2. After the trial, billing of $98 will be made on the 8th day and every 30 days thereafter, i.e., the subsequent month of video lessons will be made available in the subsequent billing.
  3.  No billing if cancellation is done within the 7-day period (No obligation to continue if the course is not suitable for your child).
  4. Your child may submit the first assignment during the free trial and we will mark them.


Module 1: Primary School Composition Framework

Module 2: Sentence Structure

Module 3: Descriptive Writing

Module 4: Setting and Character Description

Module 5: Other Writing Techniques

Module 6: More Composition Practices