This is a crash course of all the video lessons in our Writing Academy which is a self-paced online course for all upper primary school students.

Watch the videos to learn how to plan and score in the PSLE Paper 1 Continuous Writing section. This is based on the current PSLE 3-picture composition format. Each video lesson is about 10 minutes in duration. There are no written assignments to be submitted.  This crash course is useful as a last minute revision for students who are taking their PSLE.

Access to this crash course will end on 30th September 2022.


I got A* for English. Thank you for helping me to improve my English compo. I really appreciate your dedication and support.

~ Writing Academy Student, Coen Wong (P6)



Samantha did well, A* for English. 🙂 Thank you for helping us the last couple of years.

~ Parent of Samantha Wong (P6)



Amanda has been taking this online course for the past 20 months.  I find the tips and feedback extremely helpful.  She used to dread writing compositions.  The course has transformed her into a confident and creative writer.  She really enjoys writing now!  Her EL teacher has been showing her compositions as model examples to her class and that further boosts her confidence in writing. Thank you!

~ Parent of Amanda Foo (A* for PSLE English)


Course Information

Course Instructor

Hui Ing Hui Ing Author

PSLE Continuous Writing Crash Course

access until 30th September 2022 12:00 am

Immediate access to all the video lessons is available upon payment. Access to the crash course will end on 30th September 2022.

If you face issues with assessing the video lessons, please refer to the link for more on some self-help –

Alternatively, do reach out to us via WhatsApp if you have any other queries.

Module 1: Primary School Composition Framework

Module 2: Sentence Structure

Module 3: Descriptive Writing

Module 4: Setting and Character Description

Module 5: Other Writing Techniques