Does your child know how to write descriptively?

Do you want your child to learn writing techniques to write interesting English compositions?

This two-day online workshop focuses on writing techniques that upper primary students can apply in their English compositions.

Writing techniques are like the spices that we add in a dish, turning a bland dish into a tasty and delicious one.  When used correctly, writing techniques can spice up your child’s compositions.

Here’s what your child will learn in this two-day workshop:

  • How to describe settings
  • How to create interesting story characters
  • How to describe actions and feelings with ‘Show, Not Tell’
  • How to plan a PSLE format composition before writing
  • Write a PSLE format composition based on a given topic and 3 pictures

What your child will receive:

  • a set of notes on the topics covered in the workshop
  • a set of model compositions with annotations of writing techniques
  • feedback on the composition written during the workshop

*All materials will be posted to the mailing address indicated during registration. Participants who register after 7 March 2024 will NOT receive the hard copy. A soft copy of the materials will be emailed to you instead.

Workshop Details:

Date: 14 and 15 March 2024 (Thursday and Friday)

Time: 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Fees: $198

*Receive a 20% discount when you register before 29 February 2024.

Number of participants: Maximum 7

Please note that the workshop will be conducted online via ZOOM.



Course Information

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Writing Techniques Workshop P5/P6

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