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Does your child benefit from attending a composition writing class?

Is your child struggling with his or her English composition writing?

Do you need a writing coach to help your child develop his or her English composition writing skills?

Writing is a skill that improves with regular use and constructive feedback. Let our writing coaches help your child develop effective creative writing skills!

At Big Ideaz, we conduct weekly ‘live’ online composition writing classes via Zoom for students from Primary 2 to 6.  In these composition writing classes, our students learn to write by going through our specially designed writing curriculum.

The two main building blocks of our writing lessons are vocabulary building and writing strategies.


Big Ideaz Composition Writing Class

Learn effective writing strategies that can be applied in English compositions.

Expand range of vocabulary and learn precise word choice to express ideas clearly.

Small class size for close attention and guidance from the Writing Coach.

Build Confidence In Writing

Our goal in every lesson is to provide students the steps to be a better and more confident writer.

We believe that every child can write, one step at a time!

Our writing curriculum is thoughtfully designed to help weaker and average writers. Unlike centres which gladly welcome or prefer students who are already scoring As, we may decline registration of students who are consistently scoring above 85% in their composition marks. Our passion is in helping children who are struggling in their writing and imparting to them the confidence that they, too, can write well!


“Bryan has shown big improvement in his school’s mid-year compo. He got 34-37 this time! He used to be in the 28-30 range. It’s surprising how he can improve so much in less than 6 months. Hope he can keep up the good work for PSLE!”

~ Parent of Bryan (P6)

Xavier has shown improvement comparing last year’s SA2 and this year’s SA1 results (2018 SA2: 19/40, 2019 SA1: 28/40). Thank you for your help and guidance!

~ Parent of Xavier Ong (P6)

“My kids find their learning at your centre meaningful. It is not routine based and not all about spelling test.  Teacher has been patient and has the heart to teach, not just going through the ritual.  Thank you! “

~ Parent of Odelia Wang and Octavia Wang (P4)

“Veronica scored 33/40 for her Prelims Exam English composition. She used to score below 30. She said Teacher Nandy really helped her a lot!”

~ Parent of Veronica (P6)

“I like the pace of your lessons and your writing classes are amongst the best my child has taken.”

~ Parent of Yunhan (P3)

Teacher Hui Ing has guided Zi Ian very well and has been very patient with him. Zi Ian scored 17/20 in his SA1 Paper 1 and his is the highest mark in his class. We are happy to see his improvement after attending the class. Really thank Teacher Hui Ing for her guidance for the past few years. I will recommend the class to my friends.” 

~ Parent of Zi Ian (P4)

“Leanne got back her composition for SA1 (17/20). A remarkable improvement from her SA2 results (14/20) last year. I could see from her writing that she had used several good phrases learned from your lessons. Thank you, Teacher Nandy, for teaching and marking her work diligently every week. She has learned much from you and reaped the benefits.”

~ Parent of Leanne (P4)

“Thanks to Teacher Jasmin’s patience. I think Big Ideaz has also helped her a lot in making the writing more interesting. And now, whenever she reads her books, when she comes across those interesting phrases, she will also put them down in a notebook.”

~ Parent of Katrina (P3)


(‘Live’ Online Classes)

To enrol your child in one of our weekly ‘live’ online composition writing classes, submit the form below. We will contact you with registration details within 2 working days. If the slot is full, you can still register and be put on the waitlist.

Looking for a trial lesson before joining?  Just indicate that in the comments section and we will make the necessary arrangement.

*If you face issues in submitting the form, just reach out to us via the WhatsApp chat button below.  


Fees (based on 4 lessons per month)

P2 (1.5 hrs)$145/month
P3 and P4 (1.5 hrs)$155/month
P5 (2 hrs)$210/month
P6 (2 hrs)$220/month
Fees are collected by the term.*
Refundable deposit of $100 (upon withdrawal notice given 21 days before the last lesson of the term).
Material fee of $10 payable per term.
One-time registration fee of $30 for new students.
Each term has 11 weeks of lessons. Enrolment mid term is possible, subject to availability.
Total of 44 weeks of lessons in a year.
Scheduled breaks of between 1-2 weeks between terms (if there are no Public Holidays within the term).
No lesson on Public Holidays or scheduled breaks and therefore not chargeable.
Click here for a full year calendar of lessons.
Students from Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia are welcome to join the online lessons too.
* Option to pay lessons fee on a monthly basis is possible but will require a fee deposit equivalent to one month of 4 lessons to be collected upfront. A recurring monthly administration fee of $10 will be imposed too.

Prefer physical, onsite classes?

If you are looking for onsite composition writing classes for your child, we have selected classes which are being held at Parkway Centre, Marine Parade.

To register for our onsite composition writing classes, please visit this page.

Prefer self-paced online learning?

Do you prefer to let your child learn composition writing at your own convenient time?

Check out our self-paced online composition writing courses!