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Creative writing is a great activity for the beginning of a new school year

In just a few days, a brand new school year will begin.

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you might be thinking of ways to get your students and kids ready for the new academic year, especially after such a long school holiday.

Print out these creative writing worksheets as warming-up writing exercises for your kids at the beginning of a new school year

If you are a school teacher, you can use these at the beginning of a school-year or term, to get to know your students’ level of writing abilities and skills. You can also use these as a warming-up or introduction to the teaching of more advanced writing techniques.

For parents, these can be printed out for your child to do at home, to kick-start their writing engines after a long school holiday.

Creative writing does not have to be tedious or boring.  Students can be given an opportunity to enjoy writing and have fun with creative writing!

Feel free to use these resources for your own students in your classroom or your children at home.

Download the Back-To-School Creative Writing Pack