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Interesting Creative Writing Topics For Children – Get Them To Start Writing!

There are many types of creative writing topics for children.  To many students, most English composition topics that they have to write about in school are boring and they find it hard to write well with the essay topics provided.  Furthermore, many students struggle with writing.  It is a common misconception that writing requires talent.  In actual fact, writing is a skill that can be learned and developed.  Writing is taught in almost all levels of school and essay topics are in abundance.  Teachers expect students to become capable of composing narratives that contain the story or message that they want to convey to their readers. A good composition course is useful in helping students develop their writing skills.

But how do you entice a child to write?  For a start, below are some interesting Creative Writing topics for children:

1. “My favorite superhero is…”

Almost every kid has a superhero to look up to. They idolize these characters for the qualities that they too would want to acquire. It would then be great to have them write about their thoughts on why they look up to these superheroes.

Children get to practise writing about different characters through this topic, and at the same time they learn to make use of adjectives to describe the superheroes they admire. This creative writing topic also tickles children’s interest and will likely prevent them from getting bored during the writing exercise.

2. “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Another interesting creative writing topic for kids is childhood dreams and aspirations. Children are often asked what they want to be when they grow up.  So why not have them write about their ambitions? Some school teachers get their students to write this in their journals, which is one of the ways to get kids interested in writing.

When children write about their ambitions, you get to learn more about a child’s perspective on life and their future. They also get to express their feelings about how they want to live their lives when they grow up.

3. The “All About Me” narrative.

If you want to get to know how a child sees himself or herself at an early age, then you may want them to write an “All About Me” essay. This creative writing topic allows them to describe themselves the way they see themselves, including their likes and dislikes. This topic also helps them to become more vocal about their own thoughts.

4. Ask about their wishes.

Another interesting creative writing topic for kids is to write about their wishes. Get them to write about their top three wishes and why they want these to come true. This gives them the opportunity to be creative as they get to write about things that they desire.  Through this, children will have a chance to use their imaginations and bring them to life with their words.

Asking about their wishes also gives you an insight into how they see the future and how they want to live their lives as they grow up.

5. Make them write about their family.

This topic is probably one of the easiest for kids to write about, mainly because it is the most familiar to them. They spend most of their time at home with their family, so they already have some ideas what to write. They can start by describing how their family is like as a whole, then talk about their family members one by one.

You may also want them to write about an unforgettable adventure they had with their family, such as a vacation or a place they recently visited. This helps develop their ability to narrate events that they have experienced, which later comes in handy when they pursue careers in journalism and creative writing.

Learning to write effectively, like most skill sets, is best honed during an individual’s formative years. Hence, it is best to encourage children to practice writing compositions as early as possible. Try the above common English writing topics for a start. When they are able to write effectively at a young age, they will be able to develop their writing skills further as they grow up.