English Paper 2

More than just scoring well for examinations, our English Paper 2 curriculum focuses on teaching students Grammar rules and comprehension skills that will take them beyond their primary school years.

Students will be equipped with key techniques and skills that will assist them in tackling the more challenging components of the PSLE English Paper 2. Teachers will go through each component in detail, focusing on the common question types that have regularly appeared in the PSLE English Paper 2. Students will be taught how to identify contextual clues and analyse questions and passages.


  • Grammar rules (MCQ, Cloze)
  • Vocabulary (MCQ, Cloze)
  • Comprehension Cloze
  • Comprehension (Open-Ended)
  • Synthesis and Transformation
  • Visual Text Comprehension
  • Editing


In each lesson, one to two components of the English Paper 2 will be covered in detail. Students will be taught rules and techniques that allow them to tackle a variety of questions with ease. Under the close guidance of our teachers, they learn to analyse each multiple-choice question before choosing the correct answer. They will also be taught techniques to answer open-ended questions accurately.

We also focus on building a strong vocabulary bank, and aim to inculcate a love for reading by introducing students to a variety of texts regularly.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to help weaker and average students, especially those who are struggling with English Paper 2. Unlike centres which gladly welcome or prefer students who are already scoring As, we may decline registration of students who are consistently scoring above 85% in their English Paper 2 marks. Our goal is to help the weaker students to build a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and the other important components of the English language. We celebrate their progress as we believe in small wins over stellar results!


Two assessments will be conducted each term, to track students’ progress, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


To enrol your child in one of our English Paper 2 classes, submit the form below. We will contact you with registration details within 2 working days. If the slot is full, you can still register and be put on the waitlist.

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Fees (based on 4 lessons per month)

P4$190 / month
P5 / P6$200 / month
Fees are collected by the term.*
Refundable deposit of $100 (upon withdrawal notice given 21 days before the last lesson of the term).
Material fee of $12 payable per term.
One-time registration fee of $30 for new students.
Each term has 11 weeks of lessons. Enrolment mid term is possible, subject to availability.
Total of 44 weeks of lessons in a year.
Scheduled breaks of between 1-2 weeks between terms (if there are no Public Holidays within the term).
No lesson on Public Holidays or scheduled breaks and therefore not chargeable.
Click here for a full year calendar of lessons.
Students from Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia are welcome to join the online lessons too.
* Option to pay lessons fee on a monthly basis is possible but will require a fee deposit equivalent to one month of 4 lessons to be collected upfront. A recurring monthly administration fee of $10 will be imposed too.

Prefer physical, onsite classes?

If you are looking for onsite English Paper 2 classes for your child, we have selected classes which are being held at Parkway Centre, Marine Parade.

To register for our onsite English Paper 2 classes, please visit this page.