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This composition is written by a student in our P4 weekly writing class.  We had fun brainstorming ideas for this topic and the students came up with some interesting plot. The conclusion for this story was added to link the ending back to the topic. In our weekly composition writing classes, we teach our students different ways to write a good conclusion.

Enjoy the story!

A Celebration Gone Wrong

“I can’t wait for the party to begin!” I exclaimed excitedly.  It was my tenth birthday and my parents finally let me organise an outdoor party.  Soon, the first guests arrived.  My parents greeted them warmly and served them drinks.  One of the guests, Uncle Joe, gave me a hazelnut chocolate cake for dessert.  I was looking forward to the celebration!

Finally, all the guests arrived.  The party started soon after and my parents served me and the guests some food.  A buzz of excitement filled the air as many people gave presents to me.  Soon, all the food was served.

“Dessert time!” I said as I cut myself a slice of the delectable chocolate cake.  I took a few bites and I felt that the cake was the best thing I had ever eaten.  “Wow! Hazelnuts are so tasty!” I exclaimed as I had never been allowed to eat hazelnuts before.  However, as it was my birthday, I could do anything I wanted.  Soon, my throat felt itchy and angry red marks appeared on my arm.  I coughed uncontrollably.  Suddenly, I realised something.

I was allergic to hazelnuts!

A while later, the itch got worse.  I groaned in agony as tears welled up in my eyes.  “Don’t you know Benny is allergic to hazelnuts?” my mother asked Uncle Joe with dagger-like eyes as she ran frantically to me.  Unfortunately, my mother tripped on someone’s foot and her head smacked on the half-eaten chocolate cake!  Everyone’s jaws fell agape and a few of my friends gasped in shock.  My father then rushed to my aid as my chocolate-cake-covered mother went back to the house to have a quick bath.

The ambulance soon arrived, after my father had called one.  The paramedics sprang into action and took me to the hospital.  Before I left, my Uncle Joe apologised profusely to my parents.  My mother then said that my party would be postponed.

Lying in the ambulance, I recalled the events of the day.  Because of my greediness, my birthday celebration was ruined.  From that day on, I learnt to take care of myself and not eat anything with hazelnuts again.

~ by Jayden Chong (Primary 4)