“Tara! Come to the kitchen! I need help!” my mother’s voice travelled from the kitchen and seemed to echo in my room for the sixth time. Ignoring her calls, I continued to watch “Demon Slayer” on my room television. It was an idyllic Sunday, and I was doing nothing but staying glued to my television screen in my room. The smell of nail polish lingered in the air as I lay comfortably belly flat on my bed, enjoying the cool blast of air from my air conditioner.

Just then, “Bam!” My room door was violently pushed open and my whole room shook violently, causing the nail polish bottle on my table to clink. I swiftly turned my head in annoyance and saw my mother staring agitatedly at me. “Come down this instant or I will ban you from watching television!” she roared. I trudged out of my room reluctantly, full of annoyance and slight fury. I glanced at my older brother, Theo and my younger sister, Tanya’s rooms.

“Why can’t Tanya or Theo do it? Why is it always me!” I lamented in jealousy as I stormed down the stairs to the kitchen.

Scuffing around the kitchen as though her butt was on fire, my mother ordered me to do tons of things. “Pass me the plates,” she instructed curtly. I took the plate and tossed it in the air like a frisbee. Nearly missing the plate by inches, my mother caught it and turned around to me. Her face reddened as she glared at me and reprimanded, “Do you think this is a toy? What is the meaning of your actions? Speak! I want a rea…” Her sentence was cut off by me as I shrieked in fury.

“So what if I threw it? Do you think a sixteen-year-old girl like me doesn’t know? Do you want me to be the Cinderella of the house? You, my bossy mother! Theo and Tanya, the spoilt kids!” Without thinking, I grabbed the mug I was washing and threw it directly on the floor. My mother stood there, stunned and speechless by my sudden outburst.

Unexpectedly, Tanya, who had heard the commotion, entered the kitchen. The mug landed before on the ground with a ear-splitting crash. Small pieces of the shattered mug scattered in all directions. A tiny fragment cut through Tanya’s forehead. “Ouch!” she screamed in agonizing pain as tears dyed red by her scarlet blood streamed down her face.

Fright drowned my anger as I stood rooted to the spot, cold sweat trickled down my forehead. My face went pale and blank as I saw the fragment stuck in Tanya’s forehead. My mother pushed me aside frantically, glaring at me before calling Theo down to accompany her as she rushed Tanya to the hospital. I was at a loss for words as I went back to my bedroom, dazed.

This incident caused Tanya to have twelve stitches on her forehead and also left a permanent and visible scar. Though she eventually forgave me and even made fun of her own scar at times, as an older sister, I could never forgive myself. Whenever I see the scar, my heart will be full of regret. I wish I could undo my actions. However, what’s done cannot be undone.  This terrible feeling of regret and remorse will always stay with me till I depart this earth.