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This composition, ‘An Adventure‘, is written by a P4 student in our weekly composition writing class. The pictures provided are a tent, a torch and the sea.

For PSLE, students have to write their composition based on at least one of the three pictures provided. Our upper primary students are taught to focus on one picture (maximum two) to come up with their story plot. Can you identify the picture used for this story?

An Adventure

“In the end, the girl was killed,” I was telling my friends a ghost story. A chilly gust of wind blew, giving me goosebumps. Light from the moon cast eerie shadows on the ground and the stars in the sky twinkled.

It was a holiday and I had gone camping with my friends in the forest. We were roasting marshmallows and chatting happily. I was bursting with excitement and my body tingled with enthusiasm.

“Ah-Woo!” Suddenly, we heard a wolf howling. My heart was pounding wildly and my stomach did a quick somersault. Frantically, we hid in out tent and zipped it. “Are there wolves around?” I wondered. Curiosity burned inside me.

“Jack, do you want to investigate the noise?” I asked, unable to contain my curiosity.

“I have never seen a wolf before. I also want to take a photograph of the wolf. Accompany me please!” I begged. Sighing, Jack nodded his head and agreed reluctantly. I promised him that we would not go too close. We brought along a torch and sauntered into the forest. The forest was rich with flora and fauna.

Suddenly, the light coming from the torch went out! I let out a sharp gasp. Then, I realised that I had forgotten to change the batteries! Panic engulfed me as I was scared of the dark. Paralyzed with fear, my legs turned into jelly. Frantic thoughts raced through my mind as a chill ran down my spine.

Fortunately, Jack had brought an extra torch. I let out a sigh of relief. Then, we continued walking into the forest. It was dark and spooky.

“Ah-Woo! Ah-Woo!” the wolf started howling again. However, it sounded much closer this time and the noise grew louder and louder.

“I’m scared, Jack. Can we go back to the tent?” I asked as terror gripped my heart. My face turned pale as fear coiled around me like a python suffocating its prey. Beads of perspiration formed on my forehead as my hands turned cold and clammy.

“Since we’ve come all the way here, let’s continue. Once we see the wolf, we’ll run back. If you’re scared, you can hold the torch,” Jack replied as he handed me the torch. He seemed much braver than before.

“Ah-Woo!” the wolf howled.

“There, there it is!” Jack yelled as I shone light in the direction of the animal. When we saw what it was, Jack and I giggled in amusement. Realisation hit us like a ton of bricks. It was an owl! Quickly, we took a picture of the owl and went back to the campsite.

When we got back, I recounted the whole incident to our friends and they burst into laughter. It was an adventure I would not forget.

~ by Cheriz Lee (Primary 4)

This composition was written based on the picture of a torch. Did you guess correctly?

As you can see, in the story above, the picture (a torch) plays a big part in the development of the plot. This is the way to write a composition based on at least one of the three pictures provided. Some students do not understand the importance of this point and merely mention one of the pictures in their story. Furthermore, the picture that they mentioned has nothing to do with the plot at all. That is a serious mistake! Students should make full use of the picture prompts and use it as a main part of their story plot.

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