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Model composition ‘An Embarrassing Incident’, written by one of our Primary 4 Writing Academy students.  Enjoy this well-written and highly entertaining piece.  Words in [ ] are added to make the descriptions more vivid.

An Embarrassing Incident

Uncle Fred was a big-sized man in his forties.  He was as round as a ball with a flabby stomach that wobbled as he walked.  He was an extreme food lover and could not resist eating.  Since young, he was crazy over bananas and could eat many at a time.  However, something happened and he decided to stay away from bananas.

One day, Uncle Fred walked past Maxwell Food Centre.  The aroma of chicken rice wafted through the air.  Looking at the succulent roasted chicken hanging neatly in a row at a food stall, his mouth watered.  Without a second thought, he bought himself a huge bowl of chicken rice and gobbled down the food ravenously.  As the chicken rice was not enough to quell his hunger pangs, he scanned the food stalls for more food.  His eyes widened when he spotted a fruit stall selling his favourite bananas. Punching the air in jubilation, he yelled, “Yes! Bananas, here I come!”

He darted towards the stall and bought three big bananas.  He wolfed down the bananas in satisfaction and simply tossed the banana peels onto the floor.  A lady with inky black hair tied neatly into a bun was infuriated when she saw Uncle Fred’s act.  She strode up towards him and hollered, “Do not litter! Pick up your banana peels!”  Uncle Fred gave her a withering stare and uttered, “Mind your own business!”  [In his anger,] he stood up and left his seat.  Thud! He tripped over the banana peel that he had thrown and landed on the floor.  [To his horror and embarrassment], his pants split! “Haha! This uncle is wearing a pink underwear with many bananas on it!” a boy burst into laughter.  The onlookers stared at Uncle Fred and could not hold back their laughter.  Uncle Fred’s face turned beet red in embarrassment.  He held onto his pants and ran as fast as his legs could take him.

As Uncle Fred removed his split pants with his sausage-like fingers when he reached home, he thought to himself, “I will not eat so much again and I will stay away from bananas.  This will be the first and last pair of pants that I will tear in my life.”  This embarrassing incident would be etched in Uncle Fred’s mind forever.

~ By Glynis (Primary 4)

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This piece of composition was written based on the topic “An Embarrassing Incident” and the above 3 pictures, which is the new PSLE composition format.


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