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Here is another piece of English model composition written by one of our Primary 4 Writing Academy students.  To make their compositions more interesting, our students are taught and encouraged to use vivid verbs and a variety of sentence beginnings in their compositions.

A Quarrel

It was a sunny Saturday morning.  Mary skipped happily to the bus stop as she had to take a bus to the tuition centre.  She was looking forward to her lesson.

While Mary was waiting for the bus, a steady stream of people came to the bus stop.  Among them was Mr Ang, her neighbour.  Mary happily greeted him.  Just then, a big, burly man came to the bus stop.  The man had tattoos on his arms.  His hair was messy and his shirt looked too small for him.  He also walked with a swagger.  Nonchalantly, he took out a packet of cigarette, lit one up and started smoking.  Before long, the bus stop was polluted with smoke.  Mary felt angry as the man was not supposed to smoke at the bus stop.  The people at the bus stop were annoyed with him and covered their noses.  Some of them were complaining to one another.  Mr Ang then went up to the man and said, “Excuse me, you are not supposed to smoke here.”  Without any sense of remorse, the man replied, “It is none of your business! I can smoke wherever I want to!”  Mr Ang was horrified when he heard that.

The big, burly man and Mr Ang then started quarrelling with each other.  They had a heated exchange of words.  “You’re an inconsiderate man!” Mr Ang bellowed.  “Who cares?” the man snapped back.  “Stop it!” Mr Ang shouted.  “No!” the man retorted.  The people at the bus stop were frustrated.  Mary felt anxious.  She was worried that Mr Ang would be hurt.  Eventually, they became more aggressive and started pushing each other.  The crowd at the bus stop only watched but did not do anything to stop the two men.

Mary decided to step in and asked the man not to quarrel with Mr Ang.  The man did not listen as her words went in one ear and out the other.  Mary then shouted at the top of her voice.  Shocked, the man stopped.  Mary told the man that he should not smoke at the bus stop.  She pointed to the ‘No Smoking’ sign.  She also warned him that she would call the police if he did not stop.  Everyone at the bus stop glared silently at the inconsiderate man.  Seeing that he was at the losing end, the man put out his cigarette and walked away, grumbling.  Mr Ang thanked Mary for stopping the man from smoking.

When Mary was on the bus to the tuition centre, she thought about what had just happened.  She was relieved that the quarrel did not turn ugly and the problem was resolved.  It was an unforgettable day for Mary.

~ by Abel Lee (Primary 4)

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