A Lost Pet


Most Primary 2 students would have started writing simple compositions by the middle of the school year. Many parents lament that their children who are in lower primary (Primary 1 and 2) are not able to write good compositions. We have found that no matter how weak your child is, he or she can write, given the proper guidance and feedback.

This piece of composition is written by one of our Primary 2 students. It is a simple story but written with varied vocabulary and a clear narrative structure. An impressive piece by a lower primary child!

          “Trisha, happy birthday!” Trisha’s mother exclaimed, handing her a tabby cat. Trisha’s eyes were shining as she thanked her mother eagerly. She smiled from ear to ear as she cuddled her new pet cat.

          As days went by, Trisha and her cat were inseparable. After school, she would come back home to play with her cat for hours every day. One day, while Trisha was preparing the cat’s food, she did not notice that the front door was ajar. Just when she wanted to find her cat, it was nowhere to be found. Trisha searched high and low, but her efforts were futile.

          Trisha’s heart sank as her eyers became as big as saucers when she could not find her cat. In a state of panic, tears welled up in her eyes. She was filled with worry.

          Just then, Trisha heard mewing sounds coming from outside the door. She bolted to the door to see what was outside. Tears of relief rolled down her cheeks when she saw her cat sitting by the door. She picked up her cat and hugged it tightly.

           Trisha was glad her cat was safe and sound. She vowed to be more responsible in future and never leave the front food open again.

~ by Imanwella (Primary 2)