Danny punched the air with his fist in jubilation when his mother allowed him to watch television. Settling down comfortably, Danny pressed the button on the remote control and became totally engrossed in his favourite television programme. He was oblivious to the fact that it was past his bedtime.

Danny’s eyes were glued to the screen. His mother stomped into the living room, her face as black as a thundercloud. Mother demanded Danny to switch off the television and go to bed. Danny turned a deaf ear to his mother’s instructions. Seething with rage, his mother glared furiously at him and hollered, “Danny, get up and go to bed!”

Danny let out a loud groan. Reluctantly, he trudged to his bedroom. His heart sank when he realised he had not done his science homework. Sighing, he sat down and started completing his homework. His eyelids grew heavy and soon, he dozed off.

The next day, Danny went to school without completing his science homework. Teacher Sean informed Danny’s mother about it. Back at home, she gave him a tongue-lashing.

Danny was punished by not being allowed to watch television for a month. A sense of regret welled up within him. Tears flowed down his cheeks. Danny learnt his lesson not to watch television till late at night. He also promised to be more diligent in future.

~ by Andreas (Primary 3)