“Teacher’s Day is just around the corner. Shall we throw Mrs Lee a surprise party?” May suggested with a sparkle in her eyes as she pointed to the calendar. Everyone agreed in unison enthusiastically.

“That’s a brilliant idea!” Bubbling with excitement, they took out their pencils and paper to write plans for the party.

Soon, the day came. That morning, everyone came earlier than usual. The moment they stepped into the classroom, they dropped their bags and sprang into action.

“Max and Declan, hang the balloons and streamers,” May instructed the boys before she wrote a message on the board. The classroom was bustling with activity as they put up the decorations swiftly. Bursting with enthusiasm, the classroom was beautifully decorated within minutes.

Ring…! May rushed the class to pack up quickly. They scurried to their seats and hid under their desks. Their faces were aglow with excitement as they waited in anticipation for the sounds of Mrs Lee’s footsteps. As soon as Mrs Lee stepped into the classroom, everyone exclaimed in exuberance, “Surprise!” Letting out a sharp gasp of surprise, Mrs Lee’s eyes lit up in amazement to see the beautifully decorated classroom.

“Thank you for the pleasant surprise!” Mrs Lee chuckled with joy as she walked towards her desk. Mrs Lee was touched beyond words and tears of joy welled up in her eyes. May and the girls gave Mrs Lee a hug. While, the boys prepared the cutlery to eat the cake. Grinning from ear to ear, everyone was delighted.

“The surprise was a success!” May squealed as she punched her fist in the air. A sense of warmth filled their heart as it was truly a memorable for them as they pulled off a pleasant surprise.

~ by Kean Quah (Primary 3)