The car pulled up at the entrance of the flashy signs. I looked out of the car window eagerly. “I can’t believe we are at the amusement park!” I exclaimed to my mom. I could barely contain my excitement. Mom beamed from ear to ear. I could tell that she was equally excited. It was our first time going to the amusement park.

Mom sensed my excitement and seemed to grow a bit worried, “Giselle, please do not wander around. I do not want you to get lost,” warned Mom. I was too distracted by the view of the roller coaster twisting and spinning at high speed that Mom’s words fell on deaf ears. Little did I know that I would experience my worst nightmare.

“Whaa!!! This is amazing!” I yelled, gasping in awe.

“Let’s grab a hotdog now!” suggested mom as I entered the amusement park.

Frowning in annoyance, I whined,” Can I go on the rides by myself?” I could not wait for the roller coaster ride. My mother shook her head firmly. I crossed my arms and sulked silently.

Suddenly, an idea struck me. I could sneak away discreetly without my parent noticing! A cheeky grin flashed across my face as I stealthily slipped away.

“Woohoo! That was the best ride I have ever taken!” I exclaimed as I walked back to the hotdog stall. “Mom, I am back!” I exclaimed. There was no response. My heart was pounding like an African drum and panic seized me. I frantically searched each and every aisle but Mom was nowhere to be seen! “Mom?” I squeaked, “Where are you?” Stop hiding!” I yelled desperately. Just as I was about to burst into violent sobs, I heard a voice.

“Giselle, didn’t I tell you not to run off on your own?” Mom berated me. I gave her a bone-crushing hug and started to sob with relief. “Silly child… Stop crying!  This is what I warned you about in the car!”

“Once bitten, twice shy!” I thought. Especially after the close shave, I never strayed from Mom’s side ever again.

~ by Giselle Ang (Primary 2)