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Primary 3 model composition written by one of our students from the Writing Academy.

Many students find the new PSLE composition format challenging.  Unlike the old format where you can be guided to develop your story plot by the sequential pictures provided, the new format requires you to come up with your own story plot.  That can be a stumbling block to some weaker students, especially when they have to do the planning and writing of the entire story within the short time given.

However, most students find that it gets easier to write their compositions as they ‘flex their writing muscles’ regularly.

Here is a brilliant piece of composition written by one of our Primary 3 Writing Academy students, who joined us when he was in Primary 2.  Enjoy!

Lost And Found

“My cufflinks aren’t on the top of my cupboard!  Where did they go?  How am I supposed to go to work tomorrow?” Father exclaimed worriedly.  “Where’s my hairclip?  I put it on top of my wardrobe!” my older sister, Ann, exclaimed.  “I lost my earrings too!” Mother said in shock.  Something insanely mysterious had been happening in our house.  Our trinkets had been disappearing!  The whole family decided to search for our missing trinkets.

We searched high and low in every nook and cranny of the house but the trinkets were nowhere to be found.  Our search was fruitless.  As Mother suggested that we could have missed a small crevice in which the trinkets might have dropped into, we searched the house again but our efforts bore no fruit.  The family was desperate to get our trinkets back.  We suspected that our maid had taken the trinkets but as we did not have concrete evidence, we did not openly accuse her.

To take our minds off the matter, my sister and I asked Mother whether we could play basketball outside our house.  She agreed and we elatedly took our ball outside.

“Catch this, Ann!” I hollered as I threw the ball.  “It’s too high! I can’t reach it!” Ann replied.  Although she was older than me, she was desperately short.  This attribute, however, proved useful that day.  The ball shot towards her in a wide arc, towards her outstretched fingers but she was not able to catch it.  The ball seemed to fly in slow motion as it passed her hand towards a bird’s nest on a nearby tree.  It knocked the bird’s nest which tumbled down, shattering from the sheer impact.

Something rolled onto the grass, glinting in the bright sunlight.  Wondering what it was, I picked it up.  My jaw dropped.  I was flabbergasted.  It was Mother’s missing ring!  As my sister and I did an intricate scan of our surroundings, we noticed that the ground was littered with trinkets!  We were overwhelmed by surprise.

We gathered up all the trinkets and showed Mother, telling her what had happened.  Mother was astonished to hear the news and was jumping for joy.  She praised us for finding them, heaving a sigh of relief.  That day, we learnt that we should always close the windows, in case a bird took our trinkets again.  Once bitten, twice shy.

~ By Jasper Wong (Primary 3)

This is a new PSLE format composition, written based on the topic ‘Lost And Found’ and three pictures – a bird, a pair of friends and a cufflink.

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