“Have you brought the frog to school?” I whispered excitedly to my friend, John. It was early in the morning and my friends, John, Tom and I were already in school, discussing about the prank we were going to play on our class monitor, Jane. Chuckling, John reached for his bag and showed us the frog in his bag. Tom and I stifled a giggle.

Ring! As soon as the ear-piercing recess bell rang, everyone, including Jane, hurried out of the classroom. We had planned to put a frog in her bag and scare her for telling Ms Tan, our form teacher, that we were playing in the classroom when there was no teacher in class. “This should teach her a lesson!” I thought, smirking. Once we were the only ones left in the classroom. I retrieved the frog from John’s bag. Surveying around to make sure that no one was walking past our classroom, I sneaked the frog into Jane’s bag.

“Please take out the homework I assigned you yesterday,” Ms Tan instructed after recess. Everyone started rummaging through their school bags for their homework. Out of the corner of my eye, I espied Jane bending down to unzip her bag. Glancing over at Tom and John, I saw them covering their mouths, trying to hide their laughter.

“Ahhh! There is a frog in my bag!” Jane shrieked as the frog leaped out of her bag. She jumped onto her chair and screamed in horror. A few girls gasped in shock and dashed out of the classroom. My other classmates and I clutched our stomachs and burst into laughter.  I chortled, “Serve you right, Jane! You should not have told Ms Tan about what we did!”

“Silence!” Ms Tan hollered, glaring at all of us. Silence crept into the classroom. “Who did this? Is it you Tim? Why were you laughing so loudly?” Seeing Jane still standing on her chair, her eyes widened and face pale, I decided to tell the truth.

“I… I did… it,” I stammered. Ms Tan chided me and commanded me to apologise and take back the frog. Following my lead, John and Tom owned up and apologised too. Fortunately, Jane forgave us willingly. I heaved a sigh of relief. We had to serve detention and Ms Tan informed our parents about our misdemeanour. As a result, I was severely reprimanded by my parents for this senseless prank.

That day, regret welled up within me as I thought about the cruel prank I had played on poor Jane. My heart sank with guilt over how Jane had easily and kindly forgiven us. I realised that we should not have played a prank on someone just so as to get a revenge. From that day onwards, I vowed to be more sensitive towards others, and think twice before pranking someone.

~ by Chloe, Primary 4