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This is a Primary 6 model composition, written by one of our Writing Academy students.

We are constantly compiling samples of our students’ writing and we love to showcase their well-written pieces.  This student has managed to bring across the theme of Teamwork in this story. Enjoy reading this piece of composition, written based on the PSLE composition format.

* Edited: This happens to be the topic for 2018 PSLE Composition!


“Walk faster!” Brandon shouted annoyingly to his camping partner, Tim.  Tim struggled to keep in pace with Brandon, who was metres in front of him.  The scout teacher, Mr. Tan, had paired both of them up together for that week’s camp expedition.  Tim was excited to have an experienced camper while his partner, Brandon, on the other hand, felt that Tim was just a newbie who knew nothing.

Brandon was indeed an excellent scout who took to the various skills taught like a duck to water.  However, in class, his attitude was beyond terrible.  He was defiant to his teachers and seldom handed in his homework on time.  During his Co-curricular Activity, Scouts, his work was much better.  However, his attitude remained the same.  Brandon always treated his fellow cub scouts as if they were good-for-nothing wimps.  Thinking that he was better than the others, he always acted arrogantly in front of them.  Tim, who just joined Scout, received the same treatment.

“Hey, Brandon! Please wait for me!” Tim begged.  Rolling his eyes in mock exasperation, Brandon stood on the rock with his arms folded across, chortled arrogantly at the feeble attempts of his partner to cross the boulder below him.  Brandon soon realised that the time was not early.  With all his might, Brandon pulled Tim up and continued on his tracks.  Tim felt a sense of grudging gratitude towards Brandon’s action.  Quickening his footsteps, he caught up with Brandon and both of them headed for the campsite that Mr. Tan had assigned each group to.

The sky grew darker and nighttime came closer.  The path ahead of them grew unclear.  Suddenly, Brandon slipped on a mossy rock and tumbled down a deep undergrowth of the forest after managing a loud yelp.  Hearing that, Tim turned around only to realise that Brandon was deep in the undergrowth.  Brandon landed with a huge impact that led to an excruciating pain at his kneecap.  He realized that he had fractured his knee.  “Are you alright?” Tim asked in concern, peering gingerly over the edge of the slope.  Brandon only managed to reply with a painful moan.  Reassured that Brandon was conscious, Tim started screaming for help.

Thankfully, both of them were near the campsite.  The consistent screaming and shouting from Tim attracted the attention of Mr. Tan and the fellow cub scouts.  When all of them arrived, they took out the ropes securing the tent and started tying them together, forming a rope long enough to reach Brandon.  Heaving and pulling in tandem, it was not long before an injured and relieved Brandon appeared at the top of the slope.  The scouts cheered and gave one another congratulatory high-fives.  Brandon thanked everyone for their rescue gratefully.  He even smiled weakly to Tim before being taken to the hospital.

After that incident, Brandon was a totally changed boy.  He understood the importance of teamwork and camaraderie and no longer despised the idea of working and helping his friends.  He changed his attitude dramatically and was even asked to become the Cub Scout leader.

~ by Pua Qing Yi (Primary 6)

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