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Whether your child loves writing or not, the bad news (or good news, depending on how you see it) is, they are expected to write in school.

However, many teachers would admit that most students spend little time writing in the classroom. The writing process is time consuming. Most teachers simply do not have the luxury of time to meticulously teach the writing process to their students. The irony is, despite that, children are still expected to produce a good piece of writing during their Composition tests and examinations!

Steps To Ease Children Into Writing

Listed below are some beginning steps you can take to ease your child into the writing process. These suggestions are written specifically with young children in mind, but they can be used for older children too.

Encourage your child to write something everyday.

  • Model writing. Let your kids read your writing and give you their feedback.
  • Make writing authentic (real, and in context) for your child.
  • Provide opportunities to write.
  • Show your child examples of good writing.
  • Read your child’s writing and get them to read it out loud to you.
  • Encourage your child to copy his/her favourite song lyrics, nursery rhymes, poems, or paragraphs from favourite stories.
  • Let your child keep a journal and encourage him/her to write in it often.

Children Must Be Taught To Write

Instead of telling your child to “just write!”, why not show him/her HOW to write?

Don’t give up if your child is a struggling writer.

It is possible to teach your child to write, and to write well!