PSLE Composition Crash Course

PSLE composition course

Score well for PSLE English Composition!

Are you disappointed with your P6 child’s SA1 English composition results but do not know how to help him/her?

Feeling stuck because your child has a few months left to improve his/her writing before PSLE English Paper 1 on 26th September 2019?

Based on the requests from some parents, we are opening our online Writing Academy course on full access.  That means, your child can view ALL the lessons and attempt the assignments in the Writing Academy in preparation for PSLE the next 4 months.


How this works:

1. This course is only for P6 students who are taking their PSLE in 2019.

2. Once enrolled, your child gets instant full access to the Writing Academy videos and assignments.

Here’s what you will get in this instant, full access:

31 Writing Assignments
14 Full Composition Practices (PSLE Format)
46 Video Lessons

3. Your child can either start from Module 1 Lesson 1 to build his/her foundation in composition writing or go straight to the lesson that he/she wants to work on.

4. Complete and submit the writing assignments or compositions.

5. Our Writing Coaches who are ex-MOE teachers will mark and provide feedback on your child’s writing assignments and compositions within 5 working days.

6. Once your child receives the marked assignment, he/she can write a Draft 2 based on the comments and suggestions for improvement. Your child can submit his/her improved Draft 2 and our experienced Writing Coaches will mark the Draft 2 too!



Want to know more about how we mark students’ compositions? 

Check out this link to find out more.



This special enrolment is only open to Primary 6 students taking the PSLE in 2019..

Access to the crash course will end after 30 September 2019.

Submission of assignments will not be accepted after 30 September 2019.




We do not guarantee that your child will improve tremendously in his/her writing skills in just 4 months. To develop good writing skills takes time and lots of regular practice. However, if your child wants to get a structured course to help him/her prepare for PSLE, has the discipline and wants to receive constructive feedback from ex-MOE teachers on how to write a good composition, this online course can help.



Enrolment for the PSLE Crash Course has closed. If you are keen to enrol your child into this course, please fill up the form below and we will contact you once enrolment opens.