Estimated reading time: 1 minute

If your child loves to read, you can teach him/her to expand their vocabulary and learn various sentence structures from the books that they are reading.

In order not to kill the love of reading, it is best to let them read the story for enjoyment first.

Once they have completed the book, give them a copy of the Reading With A Purpose sheet (free download at the end of this post) and get them to look through the story again. This second reading is one with a purpose – they have to look out for specific words or phrases that you have assigned. ​

For example, if you want them to focus on learning action words (verbs), get them to look out for verbs used in the story and jot them in the Reading With A Purpose sheet. Other areas of focus include adjectives, descriptive words, words to replace “said” and words to describe feelings.

Download ‘Reading With A Purpose’ Sheet