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Becoming very good in English composition writing does not happen overnight. It is a result of years of practice. Hence, if you want your child to be able to write well, it is best to train them as early as possible. There are many benefits of being able to write effectively, although most kids do not realise it yet. They may not pursue writing careers in the future but this skill is something they will be able to use in various situations.  Among the top reasons to encourage your child to write are:

1. Writing builds children’s confidence.

Not all children are sociable. Some of them enjoy solitude and prefer to explore life on their own. But solitude can also lead to shyness and some children might start to feel awkward when they are with their peers because they do not know how to convey their thoughts and inner world properly.

Writing helps a lot in reducing the feeling of awkwardness and building confidence. It serves as an outlet for children to channel their thoughts and opinions without fear of being judged. To a certain extent, writing pushes them to voice out and assert their ideas to different audiences.

2. Writing lets children be creative.

Another reason to encourage your child to write is that kids are very creative. Oftentimes, they do not know where to materialise their ideas. Writing offers the opportunity for them to immortalise these incredible thoughts by churning them into stories and narratives.

By encouraging children to write, you help hone their story-telling skills.  At the same time, writing also develops their ability to translate their thoughts into narratives that they can share and use for different situations.

3. Writing strengthens children’s marketing skills.

If you have noticed, entrance examinations in some universities and corporate establishments have a section that requires their applicants to answer an essay question. They do this to gauge certain qualities, such as the applicant’s writing abilities, communication skills and the ability to market themselves.

By learning to write at a young age, kids acquire a certain level of marketing or selling ability that they can enhance as they grow older. They can use this not only for such examinations but also when working on presentations, reports and other written materials required in their chosen career paths.  This is yet another reason why you should encourage your child to write at an early age.

4. Writing improves thought organisation.

When you are learning how to improve composition writing, your teacher will most likely advise you to revisit your outlines. It is through outlines that you design a framework for your narrative.  It also helps you to better organise your ideas so that they can be presented in a coherent manner.

The same lesson applies when writing at a young age. By writing regularly, kids jot down their insights. From there, they position these thoughts to form narratives that their readers would be able to understand.

5. Writing boosts children’s memory.

Kids often suffer from information overload; they just don’t notice it right away. By making them write their ideas, they are able to remember their thoughts better. Writing provides them with material that they can use as reference for review anytime. It also helps to refresh their memory on what they have written, even many years later.

There are so many benefits to writing, which is why we should encourage our children to write. As parents and teachers, we should place writing as one of the top priorities in our children’s education!