About Us

BIG IDEAZ EDUCATION started as a little seed in the mind of a former primary school teacher.

After graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Education (English Language and Literature major), Hui Ing started her journey teaching in primary schools. Although she has taught various subjects in school, her main passion is in teaching English and making the English language meaningful and practical for her students.

In 2014, the idea to make writing fun for children dropped into her mind and she began to plan and develop interesting English creative writing lessons for primary school students.  Hui Ing’s first Creative Writing and Art workshop was attended by 6 children.  From this humble beginning, word soon spread and more parents wanted to send their children to her writing workshops.

Like a seed, that little idea started growing and BIG IDEAZ EDUCATION was established in May 2015.

Now, we are a team of Writing Coaches and curriculum planners, working together to develop quality writing curriculum and coaching students in their writing. If you are a former MOE teacher or experienced English composition writing tutor with a love for English and a passion for teaching writing to primary school children, we welcome you to join our team of Writing Coaches. Get in touch with us here.

Our vision is to teach primary school children English writing techniques and develop their writing skills, through our unique step-by-step coaching approach.

Since 2015, we have been conducting weekly composition writing classes and school holiday creative writing workshops for students in primary school.

To cater to the requests from parents who wanted their children to learn writing at their own pace and time, we created our self-paced online composition writing courses in April 2016. That is the beginning of the Writing Academy and Junior Writing Academy.

To date, students from more than 50 Primary Schools in Singapore have joined our online and onsite writing programmes and classes. Our students receive constructive feedback on their composition writing from our experienced and dedicated Writing Coaches. As a result, they were able to sharpen and improve their writing skills. Many of our students have continued with us as they are seeing the benefits of writing regularly and having a Writing Coach to provide feedback on their writing. At Big Ideaz, we believe that every child can write, one step at a time!

Read some feedback from parents of our past and current students.

Our Vision

Developing Writing Skills in Every Child

Our Mission

To provide quality English Creative Writing courses and resources for Primary School students.

Our Beliefs

At BIG IDEAZ, we believe that every child with a positive and teachable attitude can be taught to write.

Writing is a complex skill. Similar to learning how to play a musical instrument, children can learn how to write, one step at a time.

Through the process of becoming better writers, very often, children learn grammar rules, expand their vocabulary and improve their reading comprehension too! By harnessing technology and the power of the internet, quality writing lessons can be made available to everyone, no matter where they are.


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