“The writing coach was very generous with her comments on my son’s work, and showed my son’s mistakes and the areas where he needed to improve.  My son was not only taught about writing but also high order skills on writing a particular topic.  My only regret was that we did not know about Big Ideaz much earlier.”

Parent of Hady (Primary 6)

“Hi Teacher Ing, Isabelle has scored 35/40 in her recent WA2, which is a remarkable performance. Thanks a lot for the guidance and support so far since P4. It has been very effective for her.”

~ Parent of Isabelle (Primary 6)

“My kids find their learning at your centre meaningful. It is not routine based and not all about spelling test.  Teacher has been patient and has the heart to teach, not just going through the ritual. Thank you!”

~ Parent of Odelia Wang and Octavia Wang (Primary 4)

“The lessons are very good. It’s of a good pace for Theodore. Teacher Sharmilah is very helpful and she marks his work with much detail! I like that. It’s still very early and of course I do hope that his school work will improve with this extra help.”

~ Parent of Theodore (Primary 5)

“Hi Teacher May, just received Xavier’s writing progress report from school. He has improved a lot in his writing.  Big Ideaz has definitely boosted his confidence and writing skills.”

~ Parent of Xavier (Primary 3)

“Bryan has shown big improvement in his school’s mid-year compo.  He got 34-37 range this time!  Used to be 28-30 range.  Thanks to Ms Nandy and Big Ideaz too!  Surprising that he can improve so much only in less than 6 months.  Hope can keep up the good work for PSLE!”

~ Parent of Bryan (Primary 6)

“Thanks for Teacher Jasmin’s patience as well.  I think Big Ideaz has really helped her a lot in making her writing more interesting.  Now, whenever she reads her books, when she comes across those interesting phrases, she will also put them down in a notebook.”

~ Parent of Katrina (Primary 3)

“Leanne got back her compo paper for SA1.  It’s 17/20.  It’s a remarkable improvement from her SA2 result (14/20) last year.  The SA1 compo script was returned home and I could see from her writing that she had used several good phrases learned from your lessons.  I wanted her to thank you during Zoom lesson yesterday but she was too shy to do that.  Thank you Teacher Nandy for teaching and marking her work diligently every week.  She has learned much from you and reaped the benefit.”

Parent of Leanne (Primary 4)

“Thanks for your guidance. Amanda has shown some improvement in her Creative Writing and scored 32/40.” 

~Parent of Amanda (Primary 6)

“Xavier Ong from P6 writing class has shown improvement comparing last year SA2 and this year’s SA1 results. 2018 SA2: 19/40,  2019 SA1: 28/40. Thank you for your help and guidance.”

~ Parent of Xavier Ong (Primary 6)

“If this is a product, it will deserve a 5-star rating.  However, to qualify a service rendered to us over the past 6 years a 5-star service – that needs a bit of convincing to anyone reading this. As parents, we send our children to lessons, tuition, enrichments we think are the best based on reviews, credentials, word-of-mouth and more importantly what our pockets can allow.  English language is an area where we believe can be approached in a different manner.  Going to “branded” centres might not be the best method.

With Teacher Hui Ing, it means less travelling, wallet friendly and more targeted approach for English language.  Allow me to explain.

In the world of English composition, there is no answer sheet.  A lot of centres focus on broad-based approach and hardly go into specific needs and weaknesses for individual student.  Teacher Hui Ing’s model is specific – write a composition and let her mark. 

These are the feedback you can expect from her after she returned the work:

  • Specific error in sentence structure
  • How the story can be better presented
  • Correction and then write again (draft 2)

We started with this scheme when our children were in P1.  The way Teacher Hui Ing marked is as good, if not better than what a school teacher would deliver.  Her service freed up our time needed to travel.  We only need to Write – Scan – Send (WSS), super relevant during times like this.  The rates are reasonably priced as well.

We end off this lengthy review by recommending her service to anyone who wishes to improve their children’s composition where feedback from a professional is necessary and much needed.  With Teacher Hui Ing’s guidance, our children have scored several Best in English in their respective levels. 

In addition, our eldest daughter achieved an A* in her 2020 PSLE English language.  Her coaching to us is obvious and effective.  We will definitely rate her service beyond 5-stars.”

Our most heartfelt thanks and best wishes,

~ Parents of Andrea Wong (Primary 6)

“Hong Yun has shown improvement in SA1 compared to his SA2 last year. His content remains as Band 2 (I think it is higher Band 2) but he has achieved Band 1 for his grammar and use of language this time.  I have read through his SA1 compo and I was surprised that he could use a number of good sentences and there were only very few grammatical errors, mainly in punctuation. In fact, his compo was one of those that his English teacher read out to the entire class upon return of the paper for checking. In my parents’ meeting with teacher, the teacher commended him for his effort and asked him to continue with the good practice of writing regularly. I could see the vast improvement he made so far in his writing this half a year and I think the regular writing helps. The class offers Hong Yun a more disciplined way to do writing on a regular basis and in fact, he looks forward to the class every week. I have seen that he has changed from a boy who was reluctant to do writing at all to one who enjoys writing. I hope he can sustain his effort and improve further, particularly on how he could enrich his content (which sometimes he could but sometimes seems a bit lacking). I am also trying to get him to read abit more. Thank you so much for the teaching!”

~ Mrs Chan, Parent of Hong Yun (Primary 4)

“Teacher Hui Ing has guided Zi Ian very well and has been very patient with him. Zi Ian scored 17/20 in his SA1 Paper 1 and his is the highest mark in his class. We are happy to see his improvement after attending the class. Really thank Teacher Hui Ing for her guidance for the past few years. I will recommend the class to my friends.”

~ Parent of Lim Zi Ian (Primary 4)

“James started Big Ideaz’ online course in 2019 and completed the full modules within 1 year. From a reluctance to write, he began to develop a positive attitude towards writing. His grades also improved from a borderline pass to 28/40 in his P5 progress. Recently, he achieved 32/40 for his prelims! It was nothing short of a miracle for us. Not only did his attitude changed, his grades boosted much of his confidence in his writing endeavours. We really thank God for Big Ideaz’s timely and consistent rigours in providing quality feedback to each assignment submitted.”

~ Parent of James (Primary 6)

“Amanda has been taking this online composition writing course for the past 20 months. She used to dread writing compositions. The course has transformed her into a confident and creative writer. She really enjoys writing now! Her English teacher has been showing her compositions as model examples to her class and that further boosts her confidence in writing.”

~ Parent of Amanda Foo (Primary 6)

“Zhong Kai managed to improve from 9/20 to 14/20 in SA2. Thank you for the encouraging words/comments for all the assignments he did and swift responses to my queries. I am glad that we found Writing Academy and shall continue to further improve his writing skills.”

~ Parent of Zhong Kai (Primary 3)

“After attending the composition course with her, I am more confident and know how to start the composition, which is very helpful.  This online course has good guides and assignments. The notes are simple and easy to follow. Hui Ing is a very patient and helpful teacher. Whenever I have any questions or doubts, she will answer them without fail.”

~ Parent of Rainie (Primary 2)

“Ayden has gotten a very satisfactory mark for his SA1 composition. In fact, this is the highest mark he has ever gotten 16/20. We find that your online composition course is very useful and helpful. The most important part of the course is that he get to practise to write and marked by a qualified composition teacher. I would like to suggest if you can continue accepting written compositions and mark them for a fee so that they can continue to practise writing. Thank you.”

~ Parent of Ayden (Primary 4)

“From this online composition writing course, Kai Ning learned that writing can be so fun. Instead of just memorising lots of good phrases and putting them all in, now she knows she can make her story real by adding speech/action. Thanks Hui Ing! From you, we (including me!) start to realize that writing can be so fun!”

~ Parent of Kai Ning (Primary 4)

“I think Jasper can start writing his composition more easily nowadays rather than just sit on his chair and stare into space, which was what he did previously.”

~ Parent of Jasper (Primary 3)

“I think the writing techniques taught in this composition writing course are simple, effective and easy to apply. Instead of using weather descriptions to begin her compositions, Glynis is able to begin her composition using the Character-Focused Introduction at ease now. After attending the eCourse, she understands what her teacher meant by “show and not tell”. Previously, she was quite lost, but now she is able to apply “Show Not Tell” quite well. Besides that, there is someone to mark and comment on the writing assignments and compositions.”

~ Parent of Glynis (Primary 3)

“Xin Yu finds it easy to start her writing now. She already used it to write her two school assignments. Also the good phrases, she used them too and her school teacher commented ‘good use of phrases’!”

~ Parent of Xin Yu (Primary 2)

“Thanks for your guidance. Kuan Ning finds the assignments interesting and have helped her to understand more about the writing techniques.”

~ Parent of Kuan Ning (Primary 4)

“Would like to share that your lessons have really helped Colette. She got the highest marks for composition in her recent assessment. Thanks for your help!”

~ Parent of Colette (Primary 2)

“I like the structure and content of your course materials, simple and straightforward. Compared to his learning experience at (another enrichment centre), I think he enjoys your e-lessons a lot more. The enrichment centre gave them words that were too difficult and sometimes their model compositions were cluttered with bombastic words, too confusing for a P3 kid. Your assignments are sufficient and manageable.”

~ Parent of Han Xuan (Primary 3)

“The eCourse outline is well thought through and well planned. The lessons are systematic and the content short yet crisp. It has a very strong focus on helping children to get the framework right.”

~ Alicia from Beanie N Us! (Click to Read Full Review)

“It opens my eyes to the technical details that we can look for and apply it in almost any kind of composition. My boy has never written beyond 5 short telling sentences. I also am clueless as to how to guide him and encourage story telling. Through these few sessions, we have all progressed well beyond my expectations!”

~ Angie from Growing Hearts 123 (Click to Read Full Review)

“Big Ideaz Education serves to fill in the gap here, helping the children who are weaker in writing to, firstly, learn a simple structure and then slowly add-on to enrich their content. I must say, each topic is well explained with sufficient examples. The entire programme went really well as Hui Ing’s lessons are very well-planned and purposeful. They are divided into bite-sizes, which make them easy to digest and apply. I find that the same techniques can be applied to Chinese composition too!”

~ Jenn from My Lil Bookworm (Click to Read Full Review)

What I really like about  Big Ideaz Education online writing academy is that it is done at the home and at any time the child chooses. There are 4 lessons in 1 month, of course it is best to do it on a weekly basis. The best part (and this part you can’t really get out from the regular classes), I can go through the video with my child so that I am well versed with the format and expectation of primary school composition.

~ Jaime from My Preciouz Kids (Click to Read Full Review)

“Doing his writing assignments bi-monthly through the e-course has helped my boy learn to process his thoughts.” 

~ Angeline from Simply Mommie (Click to Read Full Review)